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The DEC 2017 Golfing Event, scheduled for later this year, is currently being set up... Stay tuned!

Joseph "Bunk" Newton is the youngest golfer to score a double eagle on a par 5  

Eight year old Joseph Benjamin Newton, III, known as "Bunk" to family and friends, scored his double eagle on June 9, 2017 while playing a casual round at the Highkands Country Club, in Highlands, North Carolina.  

He did it on the par 5, 275 yards, 6th hole.  It was witnessed by his dad, Ben Newton, his sister, Ridley Newton, and Club Professional, Lauren Ceyrolles.  

Highlands Country Club was the Summer home for fellow Club member Bobby Jones. The yardage for the hole was set up by the U.S. Kids Golf Organization and deemed age appropriate.

Golfing History Made in Virginia Beach... and still the youngest!

On January 20, 2014 seven year old Ben Kablach was playing a casual round of golf with his dad John.  They were playing at the Heron Ridge Golf Club in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Friends Joe Wilson and Greg Florance completed the foursome.

Little did they know that when they teed it at the par-4, 424 yards, 6th hole that golfing history would be made.  

Young Ben competes in the U.S. Kids Golf tournaments.  The U.S. Kids Golf organization has developed an age appropriate yardage system for each age grouping.

John, Joe and Greg drove from the white tees playing 385 yards that day.  Ben teed off from the U.S. Kids Golf age appropriate tees playing 181 yards.  John, Joe and Greg's drives all landed in the fairway while Ben's drive disappeared heading towards the green. 

After John, Joe and Greg's second shot the foursome arrived at the green.  Only three golf balls were visible... Ben's was missing.  A quick search was made to locate Benn's ball but it remained missing.  Joe suggested that they look in the cup just in case it happened to go in.

There it was... Ben had scored a hole-in-one on the par-4, a three under par score, for a double eagle!  After celebrating and finishing the round, Ben's dad John contacted the Club.  

Ben Kablach is now a member of the Club and the youngest golfer to have scored a double eagle in recorded history.  
Congratulations Ben... Welcome to the Club! 


Above: Ben and John Kablach