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About Us
About Us:

The Double Eagle Golf Club is the Official Worldwide Registry for double eagles scored during tournament or casual play by men and women, professional and amateur.  The Club was founded on March 1, 1997 with 57 original members.  Gene Sarazen was the first Club President.

It has been said that scoring a double eagle is simply a matter of luck.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Ask anyone who has scored one, especially during tournament play, and they will tell you that luck had nothing to do with it... except perhaps Andrew Magee!  

They may, however, mention the many hours spent at the driving range acquiring skills through practice; the careful watching eye of their coach and teacher; a commitment with passion for the sport; and a great respectful gratitude for all of those who have gone on before.  They might also tell you that it has been a hope and dream of theirs to accomplish before their career is finished.  

The scoring of a double eagle, is it luck?  No!  The scoring of a double eagle is excellence achieved!

Membership Fee:

There is a $25.00 membership fee.  With your $25.00 membership fee you will receive your Official Serialized DEC Member Certificate along with the Club newsletter "Stay Tuned". 

The Club Motto:

The Club Motto, “Excellence Achieved”, is a purposeful one.   The accomplishment of scoring a double eagle, during tournament or casual play, is a fitting example of achieving excellence.  

Excellence is never achieved “over night” or suddenly.  Neither is the accomplishment of worthy purposeful skills.  

Just as much as The Double Eagle Golf Club is about all things golf, it is also about the achievement of excellence through the goal setting and skill acquiring process.
The Skill Me Project:
The Skill Me Project, with its five supporting websites and apps, exisits to help people help themselves to gain necessary skills to become self-reliant.  

The five websites are: Skill Me Project, Skill Sharing, Video Library of Skills, National Kids Goals & Skills Week and My Skill Set.

The five websites, with apps, will be launched and live on the internet the summer of 2017..  stay tuned!

An Excellent Way:

The setting of realistic goals and learning of essential skills is an excellent way to accomplish ones desires and dreams. 

In reality… it is the only way! 

Without the goal setting and skill acquiring process one will never attain their dreams!