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"Condor" Par-5 Hole-in-One Division - Amateurs of the World - Casual Play


"Condor" Par-5 Hole-in-one Division - Amateurs of the World – Casual Play
Statistics Surrounding Condors Scored During Casual Play - Listed Alphabetically
Golfers Name Date Golf Course Hole Yardage
Larry Bruce 1962 Hope CC, Hope, Arkansas 5th 480 yards... Dogleg right
Shuan Lynch 1995 Teign Valley GC, Christow, England 17th

496 yards... Scored by "cutting the corner" over the trees

Mike Crean July 4, 2002 Green Valley Ranch GC, Denver, CO 9th 517 yards... This is the longest hole-in-one on record.  Scored without "cutting the corner"
Jack Bartlett Nov 2, 2007 Royal Wentworth Falls CC, NSW,
17th 511 yards... Scored by "cutting the corner"

A condor is also known as "triple-eagle" or a "double-albatross".
* Information pending
+ Golfer has multiple double eagles