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The Club Reaches
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The Real Odds of Making a Double Eagle:

The real odds of making a double eagle are primarily determined by the individual golfers handicap index number. 

For PGA Tour players, who have no handicap index number, the odds are 72,000 to 1.

For scratch amateurs, with a handicap index from 1 to 5, the odds are similer to the Tour players odds.

However the distances the PGA Tour plays compared to amateurs is significantly different, so there are more legitimate
opportunities to score a double eagle for the amateur players.

The amateurs with handicap index numbers ranging from 5 to 25 the odds are from 100,000 to 1 on up to 1,000,000 to 1.

The above information was supplied by Scott Hovde of the USGA. 

To read more about how these odds were determined check out the in depth explanation at the following link:

Latest News and Events:

One 15 Year Old; Two Clubs; Three Shots; World Record!  
A world record was set by a 15 year old golfer on March 18th while playing the longest hole in the US... the par 6,
841 yards, 12th hole at the Meadows Farms Golf Course in Locust Grove, VA.  During the casual round, playing from the
white tees rated at 712 yards, young Michael Wallace holed out 
on his third shot from 210 yards using his 3 hybird.  His
drive off the tee was 292 yards and his first shot from the fairwary, 
also using his three hybird, was also 210 yards.  
Michael was playing with his dad Rick Wallace and godfather Randy Wood.

Besides setting the world record for the longest double eagle ever scored, at age 15, Wallace is also the youngest
to score a double eagle on a par 6.  The only other known golfer to score a double eagle on a par 6 is Geno Ivaldi
the Director of Golf at Darkhorse Golf Club in Auburn, CA.  Geno scored his in 1988 playing the 665 yards 18th hole
at the Lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland, CA.

Previously the record was held by a professional and an amateur.  PGA Tour member Andy Bean and amateur
Brett Stowkowy 
both scored a double eagle while playing the par 5, 663 yards, 18th hole at the Kapalua Resort
Plantation Course in Maui.  
Bean's was in 1991 while competing in the Kapalua International and Stowkowy's
was during casual play in 2010.  

Joseph "Bunk" Newton is the youngest golfer to score a double eagle on a par 5!  

Eight year old Joseph Benjamin Newton, III, known as "Bunk" to family and friends, scored his double eagle on June 9, 2017 while playing a casual round at the Highkands Country Club, in Highlands, North Carolina.  

He did it on the par 5, 275 yards, 6th hole.  It was witnessed by his dad, Ben Newton, his sister, Ridley Newton, and Club Professional, Lauren Ceyrolles.  

Highlands Country Club was the Summer home for fellow Club member Bobby Jones.  The yardage for the hole was set up by the U.S. Kids Golf Organization and deemed age appropriate.

The Club Reaches a Milestone: 20 years and counting...
On March 1, 1997, The Double Eagle Club was formed with 57 founding members and, the late, Gene Sarazen
serving as 
the first Club President.

Lightening Strikes Again... A double eagle and a hole-in-one during same round.
On March 28th, Jeff Erdelac became the thirteenth golfer to scored a double eagle and a hole-in-one during
the same round.  
Jeff was playing a casual round at The Golf Club at Fossil Creek with Jim Trochy, Eddie Rodriquez
and Colin Benifal.  
The double eagle came first on the par 5, 510 yards, 3rd hole from 181 yards using his 9 iron.  
Two holes later he scored his 
ace on the par 3, 198 yards, 5th hole.  Jeff is a 10 handicap.

First double eagle scored in tournament play this year...
Kris Lerten from Hermiston, Oregon, was the first amateur to score a double eagle during tournament play.  Kris and his 
playing partner, Tim Gilbert, were competing in The Tom Denchel Tournament for Scholarships at the Big River Golf
in Umatilla, Oregon.  His rare achievement took place on the par 5, 512 yards, 15th hole.  He used a Nike RZN
golf ball, 
Taylormade SLDR Driver and Taylormade r11 5-wood.  From 218 yards out he had to clear a pine tree from
the rough.  The 
event is a two round tournanemt and Kris bagged his bird during the second round on April 9, 2017.  
He is a 10 handicap.   

A Pro from Spain scores the first double eagle on the PGA Tour this year... 
During the final round at The Players Championship, Rafa Cabrera Bello, stepped up to the tee at the par 5, 519 yards,
16th hole on the Stadium Course.  This was his second appearance in the Players and he was hopping to finish the
tournament in the Top 10.  He was 2 under for the tournament and crushed his drive 317 yards to the intermediate
rough leaving him 202 yards to the cup.  For his second shot he hit a hard 8-iron, that bounced off the bank, which
resulted in a sweet roll onto the green, hitting the pin, and falling into the hole.  Rafa finished at 6 under, which tied
him for 4th place, with winnings of $462,000.

The double eagle was the second historic shot struck by a Spaniard in this years Players.  DEC member, Sergio Garcia,
aced the famed Island Green, on the 17th, in the opening round.   

The 2017 DEC Golfing Events Schedule is currently being set up... Stay tuned!


                                                     ~ Double Eagles Scored In 2017 Tournaments ~

Professional Members:

Rafael Cabrera Bello               May 14 - The Players Championship
                                                                  TPC Sawgrass, Stadium Course, Ponte Vedre Beach, Florida
                                                                  Fourth Round, 16th hole, 519 yards, par 5.
                                                                  Rafa finished T-4.  Winnings: $462,000


Amateur Members:     

Kris Lerten             April 9 - The Tom Denchel Tournament for Scholarships, Two Man Best Ball
                                                Big River Golf Course, Umatilla, Oregon
                                                Second Round, 14th hole, 512 yards, par 5.
                                                Kris a 10 handicap.

Aurelio Borrero      April 18 - Killian Greens Golf Dog Fighters,
                                                  Killian Greens Golf Club, Miami, Florida
                                                  First Round, 11th hole, 304 yards, par 4, hole-in-one.
                                                  Aurelio is a 12 handicap. 

Colton Esker           May 5 - Wisconsin Valley Conference Boys Golf Meet,              
                                                Merrill Golf Club, Merrill, Wisconsin
                                                3rd Leg, 4th hole, 480 yards, par 5.             
                                                Colton finished with tied for the low round of the day with an 82.

Brent Weitzel         May 28 - Wayne Country Club Mens Open,                
                                                  Wayne Country Club, Wayne, Nebraska                  
                                                  First Rround, 9th hole, 483 yards, par 5.
                                                  Brent is an 8 handicap.

Gary Harvey           June 25 - The Paris Stableford,
                                                   Kirby Valley Golf Club, Liverpool, England
                                                   First Round, 5th hole, 489 yards, par 5.
                                                   Gary is a 6 handicap.

Garnet Manley III   June 26 - 27th Annual Andrew Haley Memorial/SML Lions Junior Golf Tournament
                                                     The Waterfront Country Club, Moneta, Virginia
                                                     First Round, 12th hole, 475 yards, par 5.
                                                     Garnet is 14 years old and a 2 handicap.