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The Double Eagle Club website
is frozen.

A new Club website is being built!

The link to the Admin Control Panel
had been permanently damaged
and it not repairable. 

Only the Registration Page is
currently functioning properly.

All items are out of stock
Member Certificates are
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The Club Reaches
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JULY 2017
Website Frozen!!
Stay Tuned
Welcome to The Double Eagle Club Internet Newsletter
March 21, 2017

Dear Club Members,

I have been actively updating this website with Club members information along with their stats as I receive them.  If you are an Amateur member, and your name appears on the Amateur Members List and I have not yet contacted you, you will need to send me your contact information via the Club Register Form on this site.  Once I have your information, and you have paid your $25.00 Club Membership dues, I will mail your Membership Packet to you. 

Several events and projects are in the works.  As soon as they come to fruition I will post the information. 
Here you will find such information and updates regarding the Inaugural Club Board of Directors, Club Officers, Club Committees, Club Tournaments, Events and Projects. Coming soon you will also see personal profiles of Club Members.  The Club's business plan is in the works... stay tuned!

Because I want this to be an interactive website I welcome your questions, comments, requests and stories. 
You may reach me at :                   
                                                                                                         Fairways & Greens,    
                                                                                                     Michael Christensen